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Scientific Calculators

Find accurate financial, scientific calculators available online from Cartridges for Africa, the professional printer cartridges and accessories supplier in Africa.

Programmable scientific calculators specifically designed for dealing with scientific problems. Depending on the quality of the calculator one can expect a difference in pricing.

Calculators available from Cartridges from Africa include:

Financial Calculators

The Benefits:
• The ability to calculate:
o Weighted Average
o Linear Regressions
o Correlations
• Their use in the solving of finance problems
The Benefits
• The ability to calculate:
o Calculate Problems for discounted cash flows
o Internal Rates
o External Rates
o Loan Formulas
o Mark-up Calculations
Financial Calculators Available:
• 10BII PLUS Business Calculator (Algebraic) - non Programmable
• 12c Financial Calculator (RPN)- Keystroke Programmable
• 12C Platinum Financial calc (RPN /ALG)
• 17bii+ Business Calculator (Algebraic or RPN ) - HP Solve with 28KB Ram
• 30B Business Calculator (RPN /ALG) - Programmable
Scientific Calculators
The Benefits
• Calculating scientific problems in easy steps
• Multifunctional Computation – Currency, Credit, Scientific and Numeral System calculator

Who usually makes use of Scientific Calculators?
• Planners
• Accountants
• Designers
• Architects
• Engineering, Mining & Mathematical Industries

Scientific Calculators Available:
• 10S Scientific Calc (Algebraic non programmable. Dual power)
• 300s Scientific calc (Algebraic non programmable 249 functions)
• 35S Scientific Calc (Alg /RPN) Programmable with 32KB Ram)
Scientific Graphing Calculators Available:
• 50G Advanced Graphing Scientific calc 2.5MB Ram (ALG or RPN) - HP Solve /RPL

Mathematical Graphing Calculators
• 40GS Mathematical Graphing Calc with 256KB Ram (Algebraic) - HP Solve /RPL

Desktop /Office Calculators
• CalcPad 200 Calc and USB numeric pad
• Office calc 100 dual power 10 digit desktop calc with tax functions
• Print calc 100 12 digit with tax, mark up and margin functions
• Office calc 300 dual power 14 digit desktop calc with tax & mark up functions (back to back orders)


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