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One-stop Printer Cartridges Supplier – All You Need To Know

These days with the significance of your brand image it is essential for most businesses to commit to a high quality of printed materials, whether for corporate or customer-oriented purposes. Cartridges for Africa, located in Glenhazel, Johannesburg has managed to “imprint” its name in the minds of faithful customers from all over! As a stockist of both original and compatible printer cartridges it’s no surprise that the company continues to flourish.

In the technological age that we are, as a consumer the value of convenience is more than substantial today! For instance browsing a comprehensive online catalogue, at the most competitive prices, selecting items for your ‘shopping cart’ with a few easy clicks and finally placing your order - without having to leave your seat - is invaluable! Cartridges for Africa offers you this, as well as live chat functionality for personalised online assistance. It is after all important for clients to have a user-friendly platform for any product-related queries.

Another consideration, in the area of printing, is the versatility of your supplier. Apart from printer cartridges, you should establish if your supplier carries hardware items such as printers, fax machines and copiers - which mean that you can get the hardware and consumables all in one place. Look for scanners, HP Bluetooth Printer Adapters, high-end laser printers and well-priced inkjet printers, and so on. Regardless of your office or home requirements, you will be able to find suitable hardware and accessories at Cartridges for Africa!

At Cartridges for Africa we truly live up to our name; in fact we carry and supply the largest selection of printer cartridges throughout Southern Africa. If it is original toner brands that you are looking for, we also stock those. Aftersales is as important as concluding a sale is to us, and so we also strive to offer the highest level of customer care. If you are looking to save on your household bills or your office budget, high quality compatible print cartridges might be your next step. On our website you will find all the original and compatible printer cartridges listed and priced. Chat with us about your brand of hardware; with our expertise we will be able to assist you with choosing the correct replacement cartridge.

Our holding company has been around since late 1994, and we remain committed to service, product quality and reliability. Our pricing is as competitive as possible in order to ensure our products and services are affordably placed for our existing and prospective clients. Contact Cartridges for Africa for quality printer cartridges, whether compatible print cartridges or original cartridges coupled with quick and efficient service, and the lowest prices!

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