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  1. Quality Guaranteed
    Every compatible cartridge is assembled to the highest specifications.
    If your cartridge is found to be defective, it will be replaced or the purchase price refunded no questions asked.
  2. Printer Guaranteed
    Your printer is covered against any cartridge defects.
  3. ISO 9001 Certification
    Certification to an ISO 9001 standard ensures that consistent business processes are in
    place, and are being applied to offer quality service.
  4. Contributing to Saving the Environment
    Approximately 70% of used printer cartridges end up in already over-taxed landfills.
    Re-using empty toner and inkjet cartridges spares our overburdened landfills from
    millions of cubic feet of non-biodegradable material.

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  LE14N1068BCO   100XL Black - Black     R138.00
  LE14N1070CCO   100XL Cyan - Cyan     R138.00
  LE14N1070MCO   100XL Magenta - Magenta     R138.00
  LE14N1071YCO   100XL Yellow - Yellow     R138.00
  EPT1281BCO   Stylus S22 /SX125 /SX425w - Black     R52.50
  EPT1282CCO   Stylus S22 /SX125 /SX425w - Cyan     R52.50
  EPT1283MCO   Stylus S22 /SX125 /SX425w - Magenta     R52.50
  EPT1284YCO   Stylus S22 /SX125 /SX425w - Yellow     R52.50
  EPT1291BCO   Stylus SX425 /525 /BX305 /320 /625 - Black     R76.50
  EPT1292CCO   Stylus SX425 /525 /BX305 /320 /625 - Cyan     R76.50
  EPT1293MCO   Stylus SX425 /525 /BX305 /320 /625 - Magenta     R76.50
  EPT1294YCO   Stylus SX425 /525 /BX305 /320 /625 - Yellow     R76.50
  EPTO38401BCO   Epson Stylus C41 /C43 /C45 Black - Black     R63.00
  EPTO39401CCO   Epson Stylus C41 /C43 /C45 Colour - Tri Colour     R93.00
  EPTO40140BCO   Epson Stylus C62 /CX3200 - Black     R63.00
  EPTO41040CCO   Epson Stylus C62 /CX3200 - Tri Colour     R93.00
  EPTO4614BCO   Epson Stylus C63 /C83 /C84 - Black Photo     R63.00
  EPTO4724CCO   Epson Stylus C63 /C83 - Cyan Photo     R63.00
  EPTO4734MCO   Epson Stylus C63 /C83 - Magenta Photo     R63.00
  EPTO4744YCO   Epson Stylus C63 /C83 - Yellow Photo     R63.00
  EPTO48140BCO   Epson Stylus R200 /R300 /RX500 /RX600 - Black     R60.00
  EPTO48240CCO   Epson Stylus R200 /R300 /RX500 /RX600 - Cyan     R60.00
  EPTO48340MCO   Epson Stylus R200 /R300 /RX500 /RX600 - Magenta     R60.00
  EPTO48440YCO   Epson Stylus R200 /R300 /RX500 /RX600 - Yellow     R60.00
  EPTO51140BCO   Epson 740 /760 /860 /1160 /2000 /2500 - T051140 - Black     R34.50
  EPTO551BCO   Stylus RX420 - Black     R64.50
  EPTO552CCO   Stylus RX420 - Cyan     R64.50
  EPTO553MCO   Stylus RX420 - Magenta     R64.50
  EPTO554YCO   Stylus RX420 - Yellow     R64.50
  EPTO631BCO   Stylus C67 /87 /87PE /CX3700 /4100 /4700 - Black     R55.50
  EPTO632CCO   Stylus C67 /87 /87PE /CX3700 /4100 /4700 - Cyan     R55.50
  EPTO633MCO   Stylus C67 /87 /87PE /CX3700 /4100 /4700 - Magenta     R55.50
  EPTO634YCO   Stylus C67 /87 /87PE /CX3700 /4100 /4700 - Yellow     R55.50
  EPTO7314BNA   Stylus C79 CX3900 /4900 /5900 /6900 - Black     R42.00
  EPTO7324CCO   Stylus C79 CX3900 /4900 /5900 /6900 - Cyan     R42.00
  EPTO7334MCO   Stylus C79 CX3900 /4900 /5900 /6900 - Magenta     R42.00
  EPTO7344YCO   Stylus C79 CX3900 /4900 /5900 /6900 - Yellow     R42.00
  EPTO821BCO   Stylus R270 - Black     R61.50
  EPTO822CCO   Stylus R270 - Cyan     R61.50
  EPTO823MCO   Stylus R270 - Magenta     R61.50
  EPTO824YCO   Stylus R270 - Yellow     R61.50
  EPTO921BCO   Stylus C91 /4300 - Black     R46.50
  EPTO922CCO   Stylus C91 /4300 - Cyan     R46.50
  EPTO923MCO   Stylus C91 /4300 - Magenta     R46.50
  EPTO924YCO   Stylus C91 /4300 - Yellow     R46.50
  CABCI21 /4BCO   S200 /S200SP /S300 - Black     R25.50
  CABCI24 /21CO   S200 /S200SP /S300 - Tri Colour     R31.50
  CABCI3BCO   Canon BJC 3000 /6000 /S400 /S450 - Black     R33.00
  CABCI3CCO   Canon BJC 3000 /6000 /S400 /S450 - Cyan     R31.50
  CABCI3MCO   Canon BJC 3000 /6000 /S400 /S450 - Magenta     R31.50
  CABCI3YCO   Canon BJC 3000 /6000 /S400 /S450 - Yellow     R31.50
  CABCI6BCO   Canon BJC S800 /S900 /S8200 /S9000 - Black     R34.50
  CABCI6CCO   Canon BJC S800 /S900 /S8200 /S9000 - Cyan     R33.00
  CABCI6MCO   Canon BJC S800 /S900 /S8200 /S9000 - Magenta     R33.00
  CABCI6YCO   Canon BJC S800 /S900 /S8200 /S9000 - Yellow     R33.00
  CACLI426BCO   Canon IP4840 /MG5140 /MG5249 /6140 - Black     R67.50
  CACLI426CCO   Canon IP4840 /MG5140 /MG5249 /6140 - Cyan     R67.50
  CACLI426MCO   Canon IP4840 /MG5140 /MG5249 /6140 - Magenta     R67.50
  CACLI426YCO   Canon IP4840 /MG5140 /MG5249 /6140 - Yellow     R67.50
  CACLI451BCO   Pixma ip7240 - Black     R151.50
  CACLI451CCO   Pixma ip7240 - Cyan     R151.50
  CACLI451MCO   Pixma ip7240 - Magenta     R151.50
  CACLI451YCO   Pixma ip7240 - Yellow     R151.50
  CACLI521BCO   Canon iP3600 /4600 /MP540 /620 - Black     R58.50
  CACLI521CCO   Canon iP3600 /4600 /MP540 /620 - Cyan     R58.50
  CACLI521MCO   Canon iP3600 /4600 /MP540 /620 - Magenta     R58.50
  CACLI521YCO   Canon iP3600 /4600 /MP540 /620 - Yellow     R58.50
  CAPGI425BCO   Canon IP4840 /MG5140 /MG5249 /6140 - Black     R93.00
  CAPGI450BCO   Pixma ip7240 - Black     R151.50
  CAPGI520BCO   Canon iP3600 /4600 /MP540 /620 - Black     R60.00
  BRLC1000BCO   Brother MFC-240C /DCP130 /330 - Black     R73.50
  BRLC1000CCO   Brother MFC-240C /DCP130 /330 - Cyan     R73.50
  BRLC1000MCO   Brother MFC-240C /DCP130 /330 - Magenta     R73.50
  BRLC1000YCO   Brother MFC-240C /DCP130 /330 - Yellow     R73.50
  BRLC39BCO   MFCJ220, DCPJ125 - Black     R67.50
  BRLC39CCO   MFCJ220, DCPJ125 - Cyan     R67.50
  BRLC39MCO   MFCJ220, DCPJ125 - Magenta     R67.50
  BRLC39YCO   MFCJ220, DCPJ125 - Yellow     R67.50
  BRLC67BCO   MFC490CW /DCP6690CW /DCP385C /DCP145C - Black     R67.50
  BRLC67CCO   MFC490CW /DCP6690CW /DCP385C /DCP145C - Cyan     R67.50
  BRLC67MCO   MFC490CW /DCP6690CW /DCP385C /DCP145C - Magenta     R67.50
  BRLC67YCO   MFC490CW /DCP6690CW /DCP385C /DCP145C - Yellow     R67.50
  BRLC900BCO   Brother MFC-210C /LC41 /47 - Black     R67.50
  BRLC900CCO   Brother MFC-210C /LC41 /47 - Cyan     R72.00
  BRLC900MCO   Brother MFC-210C /LC41 /47 - Magenta     R72.00
  BRLC900YCO   Brother MFC-210C /LC41 /47 - Yellow     R72.00